This site is great and all, but it shouldn’t be your one stop shop for financial advise. The best way to learn about a subject is to absorb information from as many sources as possible, then boil it all down to what is most useful to you.

And because this blog is not just about building a good money foundation, but building a rock solid foundation in life, you will notice this library extends past material about money.


  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich:    Ramit Sethi

An excellent read for setting up a smooth running financial engine. Ramit shows you step by step how to construct a system that utilizes your money to its maximum extent. I will say however that we have differing stances on the concept of frugality.

I very much enjoy his ‘focus on the big wins’ mentality and believe you can save yourself a lot of money using his ideas, just remember the little things add up as well.

Check out my complete review of the book here

  • Your Money Or Your Life:    Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Puts in perspective that money is a not for acquiring more stuff, but rather a tool for acquiring more freedom

  • The Intelligent Asset Allocater:    William Bernstein

Great read for learning about the power of diversification and long term investing. This book contains some powerful examples of how diversification is more important than stock selection or market timing. Bernstein has written many books on investing and finance and has a highly scientific writing style. The engineer in me loved dissecting the information off his charts and mathematical sections. For those who only really care for the results and not so much the mechanics of it all, Bernstein kindly points out which sections of his book to focus your attention on.

  • The Four Pillars Of Investing:    William Bernstein

Along with The Intelligent Asset Allocator, Bernstein really does make financial advisers overrated. Build a top performing portfolio using his advice, no higher level on financial intelligence needed.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad:    Robert Kiyosaki

A great introduction to the idea that you shouldn’t work for money, money should be working for you. Kiyosaki tells his story of growing up with two separate father figures. Both were extremely hardworking people, however one used money as little employees. With this attitude of having money work for you, your time will not be spent building someone else’s dream, but rather your own. The book makes you feel like going out and become an entrepreneur. Whether this be your goal or not, I found the story to show very well the effects of working to build your OWN future, rather than someone else’s.

*Disclaimer: This guy has apparently has established a reputation as a bit of a snake oil salesman. No need to purchase any of his financial toys, remember that knowledge is free. (link)


  • Sleep Smarter:    Shawn Stevenson

This quick read gave me some surprising insights on the importance of sleep. The book gets right to the point and breaks down 21 ways to get a better night’s sleep so that you may optimize productivity and health. I was especially surprised to learn how much your diet and exercise don’t matter if you are not getting proper sleep.

  • Bodybuilding:   Brandon Carter’s Youtube channel (Big Brandon Carter)

This guy is rough around the edges. His no bullshit style of training and diet I have found to be very effective however. I have achieved better results in weight training following Brandon’s advice than from any other books or blogs I have found on the subject. His channel is an excellent resource for workout motivation and getting into great muscular shape.

Philosophy and Happiness

  • A Guide To The Good Life, The Ancient Art Of Stoic Joy

Found this book over on Mr. Money Mustache’s blog. I found it so useful I just have to put it in my own library. Become a modern day positive psychologist with the mental tips and tricks in this book. Stoicism is all about diminishing negative emotion and enhancing your everyday experience. I have found myself successful in achieving this through the ideas expressed in this book.