Boost My Savings

Learning to live an efficient and happy lifestyle is what this blog is all about. It is a good idea to take a peek at your spending every once in awhile and see what you can optimize. If you are an obsessive engineer like me, you will find yourself doing this all the time. Here are some of the great ways I have found optimizes my spending with no sacrifice to quality of life.


  • Vangaurd

My one stop shop for index funds. Slightly higher minimums than other companies but the best rates out there. Vanguard is client owned and has excellent customer service.

  • Betterment

This up and coming company is bringing smarter investing tools to the public. Take advantage of automatic rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting with their plans. Betterment utilizes a lot of Vangaurd’s low cost funds to keep overall costs very competitive.

  • Ally Bank

Excellent customer service and highest rates around. Ally also has the neat feature of reimbursing you for ATM fees nationwide.

Grocery Shopping

  • Aldi

What an excellent place to shop. Aldi cuts out most of the bullshit seen in other groceries stores. For example, the do not pay someone to stack everything up all nice for you, they just leave the merchandise stacked in boxes. Everything is compact to save on utilities and there are no free bags. This brings down costs nicely for the store, which they pass on to their customers. You will find most items anywhere from 10% to even 25% off of walmart prices. You can even take your groceries home in one of their many empty boxes floating around, decreasing their waste even further. This store is made for efficiency, with that it has won my heart.

  • Sam’s Club and Costco

A large part of saving on groceries is cutting down on unnecessary packaging. This is done by purchasing items in bulk. Bulk buying things you use heavily will cut done on food budget waste and save your trash man from a hernia. 


  • Craigslist

One of the greatest inventions since the internet began. I use Craigslist as my storage facility that pays me. I have also bought, fixed and flipped the occasional bike on it to earn some nice side cash. A solid $200 Trek can provide the best investment of your life