Hi there, I’m the Money Mechanic. I am here to provide you with the tools you’ll need to build a superior financial engine. A highly efficient system that will bring to you a world of new possibilities, this blog is all about money. More specifically, I like to focus on the idea of early retirement.

I am not talking about the outdated idea of early retirement at age 55, I’m talking about kicking it into high gear and retiring well before 40! Even as young as 30!

And who am I to be forking out financial advice? A little more about me. I am currently working towards a Chemical Engineering degree at West Virginia University. When I’m not doing coursework or mountain biking, I am feeding my unusual addiction for financial knowledge.

For some reason I have this enthusiasm for the subject that drives me to audit investing classes and read financial literature for hours on end. In fact, ever since reading my first book on personal finance, I simply fail to see the point in reading fiction anymore.

The knowledge I have gained these past few years has changed my life forever for the better. Here is just a few things financial awareness has done for me:

  • Despite paying every penny of my schooling and rent myself, I am on track to graduate debt free. Something that is almost unprecedented given the predicament of over inflated university tuition. (Average student loans upon graduation now tops $29,000!).
  • While the average student comes out with over $3000 in credit card debt. I will carry a balance of zero and have a credit score in the top 10%.
  • Through knowledge of smarter long term investing, I will be generating a passive income that allows me to retire somewhere around the age of 30.

Although it may not seem like it, I am just a normal guy. None of this was done with any bit of superior intellect or lucky windfalls. No, all it takes is a little bit of reading.

So now we get to the goal of this blog. After going from financial zero to hero myself, I am shocked at how easily we all could be utilizing this knowledge. A high school graduate should come out knowing how to set up smart banking, build credit, tracking spending and build at least a “dummy portfolio” of well diversified funds. Yet for some reason, COLLEGE GRADUATES everywhere are going out into the world with absolutely ZERO financial know-how.

What’s the point of that big fancy pants college salary if you don’t even know how to manage your money?

Here I aim to show just how easy it is to free yourself of money related worries. We will turn your finances into a well oiled machine that works tirelessly to serve you. With this you will realize all the possibilities that come with financial freedom.

Happy reading!

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