Why Isn’t Earth Day Everyday?

Many of the trees in my neighborhood looking very colorful this morning.

Today, more trees will be planted, more trash will be picked up, and more plastic will be recycled than on a typical day here on planet earth. I myself will be commuting by bicycle 22 miles, preventing approximately 1 whole gallon of gasoline from being irreversibly vaporized into our air. I will also consume about a half a gallon of water from a re-fill able water bottle, saving 4 plastic water bottles. I will use next to no electricity as a result of spending the bulk of my day outside, and I will eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, preventing further waste that will end up in our landfills.

I will participate in these actions not because it is April 22nd, but rather because it is another normal day in the neighborhood. It will take no extra effort on my part to do things in this way, it will be more of the same, nothing novel here.

As it turns out, there are many great things to learn from what people do on earth day. What is good for the earth is often good for you as well, so why not do these things everyday? Unless of course, you would prefer a life of less optimal health, less money and more mandatory working years, and the knowledge that you have left your negative mark on the atmosphere.

Creating more waste than what is necessary to live a good life has become painfully common in our culture. We all seem to have found the motivation to be A LITTLE more responsible ONE DAY out of the year, but how do we find the motivation to clean up our act the other 364 days?

How about only having mandatory work for 10 years? How about better health and better looks? These are just the obvious side effects, if this isn’t motivation enough, what is? Do I need to follow you around on a daily basis, hitting golf balls at you with my 5-iron until you get on a bike?

Of course, I do not really believe this is necessary. I think what everyone needs is a good old slap in the face with reality. Do we really need all these resources to live a happy life? We need to take a step back and take a real hard look at what we are doing, rather than just blindly following the pack.

Creating waste is a bit like debt, just because everyone is doing it does not make it okay. If you disagree with that last statement, allow me to show you the make-believe door out of my website.

In fact, all of you get off my site and go outside. I promise this blog isn’t going anywhere. Go out and celebrate earth day, plant a tree, recycle something. Just remember that doesn’t get you off the hook for the other 364 days.