How Much Money Is Sitting Around Your House?

For those of you who have seen the light and adopted a frugal lifestyle, you may have some feelings of resentfulness towards your past self, don’t. Everything that your past self has done has led you up to this present point, and you are in a pretty sweet time in your life right now.

You recently woke up and realized that you are no longer a slave to money. You now realize that money is a tool best used for achieving total freedom! Freedom from worry and stress, freedom to use your time for what YOU want. Although your past self did a great job of getting you to this present point, you may be left with some relics sitting around from your high consumption days. All that mindless spending has left you with many material possesions that you now realize are totally useless to you. The cable bill and fast food are gone, but what to do with the T.V, ten pairs of shoes, and all this other stuff?

Liquidating your useless items can be a very fun experience for a newly frugal person, it certainly was for me. On the next rainy day (like today, if you are in Morgantown*), open up an Ebay and Amazon account and list your junk. You will be surprised just how quickly you can turn your useless stuff into hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars. There is an overflowing torrent of mass consumers who have not woken up yet who are waiting to pay cash for your junk. What then, will you do with all this cash? Roll it into index funds and get it earning more cash!

It is simple enough to set up accounts on Ebay and Amazon. For shipping, you can order boxes right to your door through USPS for FREE. They will ship you boxes free of charge because of the business they get from you using their shipping services. For larger items you don’t want to ship, check out Craigslist.

I like to think of these sites as personal storage facilities. If I have an object I don’t use, I turn it into a bit of cash by selling it onlne. If it turns out I someday need an item back (an occurance that I am yet to experience) I simply buy it back from on of these sites. This beats the hell out of paying a storage facility monthy fees to store all your unwanted shit, something I am continuoly shocked to hear so many people do in this country.

Here are a few tips to get your de-junkafying business up and running

  • Take quality pictures from more than one angle

Pictures are often what makes the sale, be sure the object is well lit and the main photo captures the entire object

  • Don’t be lazy with the description

Highlight the good and the bad. If it has a blemish or scar, don’t advertise the item as being in mint condition

  • Be responsive

Have access to your email while you have items posted so that you may answer questions and establish meeting times if you are using Craigslist

Pay close attention when listing items on Ebay or they will Nickel and Dime the shit out of you. Take that Ebay! When this blog goes viral we will be even!

It is a great feeling to free up space of useless items. Depending on how much of your stuff you actually use, you may even come to the conclusion your house is too big for you. You can move to a smaller house without giving up any level of comfort while decreasing your mortgage! Or maybe you rent out some of your space for some nice cash flow on the side each month. With change comes new possibilities. I may be preaching minimalism here, but many have built happier lives by saying goodbye to some useless material possessions.

Happy selling!

*It poured as soon as I left on my bike today, I very much enjoyed a three mile uphill ride through a passing storm. If the Money Mechanic can bike regardless of the conditions, so can you!