Hold on, this is starting to sound like a lot of work!?

nWe have covered some great information so far for tuning up your financial engine. For some, it may appear that there is much work to be done if their financial systems are to resemble anything like a smooth running engine. Some may feel daunted by the amount of work ahead.

Many people out there are masters at planning, however when it comes to the actual work, they seem to run out of steam all too quickly. Although planning is a necessary step to any change, it is nothing without DOING.

I have witnessed plenty of highly intelligent people make great plans and never put them into action. Why? Because action requires work. We all want to take the path of least resistance. What many of us often do not realize is that the path of greatest resistance is usually the best path. Let me repeat this so that it becomes slightly more etched in your brain. THE PATH OF GREATEST RESISTANCE IS USUALLY THE BEST PATH.

Kind of a strange thing to read on a blog about early retirement, huh? I mean, I am all about working less!

There is something here that most people overlook. The path of greatest resistance is actually the easier path in disguise. Kind of deceiving, isn’t it? You see, when you take the path of greater resistance, two excellent things happen:

1- You learn more about whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. This makes is easier for you to accomplish similar tasks better and more efficiently in the future

2- You step outside your comfort zone, making you a stronger, more well rounded person. If you want a richer, more fulfilling life, you will learn to do this as often as you can. Make everything you do progressive.

Anything in life worth having is worth working hard for. This may seem obvious, and somehow I am yet to meet a SINGLE PERSON who would not benefit at least a little by reminding themselves this daily, including myself. And like I said, doing more work has a tendency to be LESS work over time. The more difficult path is usually the easier path in the long run. I make it a point to have to do less work as I age, which goes in line with the whole early retirement idea.

Knowing that things will only get easier as you go makes for a more positive mindset than thinking things will only become more difficult. This being said, there are generally two ways a task can be tackled as far as work is involved, as can be seen below.

As an example, say you have a presentation to put together in two weeks. You could ignore it at first, slowly turning it into a looming monster in the back of your mind. As the time for the work to be completed becomes smaller, you begin to feel the pressure. You become less enthusiastic about getting it done in the first place. You get it done, but the reduction in drive shows in the quality of work.

On the other hand, taking initiative on a project and having an attitude of getting to work sooner rather than later will bring great benefits. You will no longer feel the squeeze. You will feel more in control and that you are ahead of the task at hand. Increased work now sets you up nicely for reduced work later. Not only will this mindset put you ahead in any professional field, you will find that the total amount of work you have becomes less with time.

It pays to take more initiative towards achieving your goals. Putting forth the work to build a sound financial system now will pay you dividends for the rest of your life, no matter what your age. So if you are truly interested in personal finance, dive in! Read books, find groups, follow Warren Buffet on Twitter! Hell…call mutual fund companies and ask them questions. I am yet to speak to a single person at Vanguard who wasn’t thrilled to talk to me.

Take initiative and the rewards will follow. You will soon discover how wonderful and smooth flowing life can be.