Meet the Money Mechanic

Hello there, nice of you to stumble upon my site.

If you found your way here looking for answers to financial problems, it is likely you and I are at the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We are going to learn a lot about money here, making plenty of fun side trips along the way, but the bottom line is this is a blog about money.

Who am I? I’m the Money Mechanic, I am part of a new breed of financial adviser who will show you how to build a superior financial engine. A highly efficient system that will bring you a world of new possibilities, such as crushing your debt, creating passive income, and even early retirement!

Something you should know, around here, early retirement does not mean age 55. With the tools provided on this blog, we will be kicking it into high gear and retiring well before 40! Even as young as 30!

I will be your guide from financial struggle to financial freedom. This blog will provide you with the tools you need to exceed each of your financial goals. This will all be done through simple lifestyle changes, focusing on long-term happiness rather than money.

Sounds counter intuitive to getting rich, doesn’t it? Keep reading and it will soon become clear how easy it is to live a rich life. You will live in a world free from financial worry, allowing you to spend your limited time on what is truly important.

Keep exploring, soon you will see through the haze and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities of money.

See you on the other side!